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SUMMER CRASH COURSE is just started. This course enables you to set your preferred Lesson number of times during June, July, August and September. Morning Slot begins at 11:00am, and the Last Slot at 7:30pm. Lesson Fee is 40mins-S$50, and approx 20% discount of the Normal Fee. Registration Fee not required. From 4-year Kid to Adult are welcome.

We provide the following programmes;

1, Score Reading with Apps and Colouring Paper
2, Basic Play Skills with Concert Grand Piano
3, Focusing on 40min-concentration
4, Habit of Greetings
5, Experiencing Lesson routine

Lesson Fee: (Minimum Lesson number: 3 times) 40mins-S$50 x preferred times
Please purchase the Lesson Tickets on the first Lesson.
2 Toy-Poodles are waiting for you on your Lesson.(They’ll be in the cage upon request!)